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IQF Frozen Banana
Individually frozed fresh fruit, whole, in cubes and in slices, by means of IQF process (Individually Quick Frozen).
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Technical specifications:
Ingredients:Fresh bananas
Storage:- 25 °C / -13 °F
Shelf life:1 year
Harvesting:January - December
°Brix:19 - 21
pH:4.0 - 5.0
Microbiologic analysis:
Total Aerobes Most and Yield Total Coliformes E. Coli
< 10.000< 2.500< 100Negative
PresentationPackingNet WeightCases per container
Slices 10 mmPlastic Bags in Carton Cases13.63 KG and/or 10Kg2200
ChunksPlastic Bags in Carton Cases13.63 KG and/or 10Kg2200
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CertificationsKOSHER AgroficialSGF/IRMA AgroficialDAR TGA 9001 Agroficial
We process pulp and concentrates of tropical fruit pulp, candied, dehydrated and IQF frozen fruit.
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